Stephanie and Charly's Wedding Favors

July 12, 2010

Summer is here, and it's a season for nuptials.  A few weeks ago, Stephanie and Charly exchanged vows and shared their commitment to each other with friends and family.  Being a graphic designer, I designed their wedding invites, and naturally, I was thrilled to take on their wedding favors.  I didn't want to just bake the run-of-a-mill favors like personalized cookies or candies, yes, I also dabble in the chocolate world.  I wanted to tie into the colors, theme, and location of the wedding.  I wanted to make something that would be enjoyed by them.  The end result were a hundred mini three tiered wedding cakes!

I started the production of these mini treats two days prior to delivery.  The first night was only for baking and glazing the cakes to seal in moisture.  The batter was a basic yellow cake recipe in which I added fresh lemon zest and creme bouquet.  I used three tiered cake pans I had purchased online, kinda cheated on this one..hehe! After the mini cakes were cooled and removed from the pans, I glazed each one with a apricot glaze.  For a simple apricot glaze, simply heat apricot jelly or marmalade in the microwave to liquefy, then strain to remove bits of fruit or rind.  Use a pastry brush and gently brush on a cake and let it set. Doing so will keep your cake moist.

Day two was the night to enlist volunteers for an assemble line... time to decorate!  I don't think I could've made it without the help of my husband, Adrian; my youngest sibling, Linda;  my friend, Eumi; and my unsuspecting lil cousin, Viviann.  THANK YOU GUYS!  Like a rusty train... it was a bit hard to get going at first, but once we got into a groove, we were cooking with gas...or delirium had set in and we thought we were.  I covered each cake with pastry fondant tinted with a light blue, and let them cool to an almost transparent finish.  The warm color of the cake peeked through just enough, so that it wouldn't look too much like soap and no one would eat them.  Sorry, that was one of my crazy worries.  Once cooled, my helpful volunteers (more like ones whom I've coaxed) attached thin ropes of white fondant, and attached yellow royal icing drop flowers that were made several week prior.  Once royal icing flowers are made, they can be stored for a long period of time.  These little cuties were then bagged and finished with a matching blue ribbon.

Once again, Congrats to Stephanie and Charly!  I hope your guests enjoyed these and were as happy as you two!

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