Disney Frozen Elsa Princess Cake

December 1, 2014

This following cake was a first for me... I've never had the opportunity to make a princess dress cake for anyone before.  What better than make my first one as Elsa from Disney's Frozen!  The first step was to figure out how tall the doll was and how big the cake would have to be to feed the expected number of guests.  After much research, I came across the Disney Frozen Musical Magic Elsa doll.  She was the perfect height for an 7" in tall cake.

First step is to prep the doll. I removed her original dress and wrapped her legs and hair in plastic wrap to keep them clean.  Since glitter is molded into the bodice, I used a strip of scotch tape and removed any excess glitter, and strategically wrapped her in plastic wrap.  This is to protect the cake from any glitter that might fall. I then figured out the sizes and height of my cake versus the height of the doll.  Her hip to feet measured 7", hence the height of the cake.  Then the width of the cake was determined by the width of the doll.  I wanted to make sure the proportions didn't look strange... didn't want her to look like she was drowning in a dress, but still had enough to serve.  The top of the dress was baked in a oven-safe glass bowl, yielding the the general shape and size I needed. The rest of the cake was constructed out of a 9" and 10" round cake.  These layers were baked and cooled completely prior to stacking.  Once stacked, I slowly carved for a smoother dress shape, tapering a bit to her waist.  I then cut out a cavity for her legs. Once happy with the shape, I crumb coated the cake, and covered the cake in an ice blue fondant.

Elsa was then carefully placed into the cake, and I finished off the opening.  I then stamped the cake with various Wilton decoration stencils to create a swirled motif along the bottom, and flowing up the sides. Be careful when doing this to not break through the fondant.  Since Elsa's dress has an icy gradation, I air brushed the entire dress area in a pearl sheen, and blending in a darker blue sheen towards the bottom of her dress.  For her cape, I opted for a printed mesh fabric that matched perfectly, color and motif.  I made sure the sparkles were not simply glued on... Who wants glitter all over there cake?! oh, and I washed it prior to cutting out the desired shape.  I simply cut two arm holes near the tapered top and slipped her arms through it.  The finished look was perfect!

Did I mention she lights up?!!! You can view the cake in action here!

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