Chanel purse cake for princess Linda

May 25, 2010

When the month of May came around the corner, I knew that I had to come up with something cute for my youngest sister' birthday.  Last year, I made a couple dozens of cupcakes filled with mousse and added a solar-powered bobbing miniature of her grinning away :)  This year,  I wanted to make her a cake that would challenge myself and put to use the techniques I've learned from books and online tutorials.  Most of all, I wanted to surprise her with a wonderful cake.  What could be more wonderful than a Chanel purse?  I sketched what I wanted to create, how to shape the cake, and details to incorporate.

I started with two 10" round cake pans, one with chocolate cake and the other was a cocoa pound cake.  I chose pound cake because of it's dense texture.  I wanted to make sure that the cake could stand up on it's side once I assembled it.  I made templates for the splitting the two cakes into the larger purse and the smaller case.  With the cake split and cut into the correct shape, I began assemble the cake by filling each layer with alternating fillings of chocolate bavarian and whipped cream cheese cream.  The two were then crumb coated with buttercream and ready to transform into a purple purse.  Using templates I've cut out of cardboard, I cut out pieces of purple fondant imprinted with a diamond pattern.  The purse was finished with some black fondant trimmings and handles detailed with stitching.  And the bling?  I wouldn't leave that out.  I cut the Chanel logos out of fondant and covered it with some shimmery silver luster powder and adhered them to the finished purse cakes.  Happy birthday Linda!

Madelienes...oh so lovely French cookies

May 19, 2010

As a former barista, no work day was complete without  packs of these yummy cake-like cookies.  It didn't take me long to realize that these little babies were going to run my paycheck dry.  I always admired how lovely they look, just meant to be sold in boutique bakeries, and too sophisticated for my home oven.  Boy, was I wrong!  Like destiny, I received a book for my birthday that magically fell open to the very page of this very special recipe.  Oh sweet Madelienes!  The recipe couldn't be easier.  I instantly jumped online and found madeliene pans and awaited their arrival.  The moment the box arrived at my door I was in the kitchen baking.  Such simple ingredients came together and warmed the senses with a room full of these petite French cookies.  Bon Appetit!

Lavender Floral Cake

May 18, 2010

A special girl deserves a special cake!  Well, that's what I say...all the time.  For Amanda Mejia's birthday dinner, I designed a cake just to match her sweet personality.  I called in to her husband for clues, and found out that she was on a lavender fix.  "Ding!"  A light bulb goes off and to the oven I go!  I made a german chocolate cake filled with lavender mousse.  The layers of cake was covered by more lavender mousse, and finished with fondant. A canvas of white was smoothed on, and various shades of purple and lavender danced in a modern, floral pattern.  The initials AM flowed on top in a rich purple icing.  Lovely just like the birthday girl!

Chinese Dragon Cake for Marlowe

May 17, 2010

When I was told that a surprise party was being held for my friend, Marlowe, I was definitely excited. It was also to celebrate his chance for an internship overseas.  Yay!  The theme was Shanghai, and nothing else could encompass the essence of China than a fierce dragon.  After looking through a plethora of images, I finally decided on what I wanted to create.  The only question left was, how?!  It took a little planning and creativity to create the shape of the dragon.  I used two bundt pans and strategically cut and turn the cake into the winding body.  The cake received a  thin blanket of buttercream and then was covered by hundreds of little fondant circles.  The head of the dragon was then carved out of cake and decorated with fondant, free flowing pieces were left to curl and give its beard movement.  A little pearl dust was painted on each scale for some shine and highlighted the details.  Oh! and the eye was a flashing strobe!  I loved the look on the crowd when this cake came out.  What do you think?

A Ponyo Cake For Kylie

May 16, 2010

I've been asked to make a Ponyo cake for my cousin's little girl's birthday. Ponyo is such a wonderful movie, like all Ghibli Studio's, and needed to be represented well in this cake. I could not butcher this...that's what I kept telling myself as I shaped little balls into the adorable Ponyo. I spent 3 days thinking about how I was going to keep her upright in a running motion, and where was the stick going to go?! I drew up a sketch and finally worked out the technical stuff, and it was time to bake! 

I started with a chocolate fudge cake and added a touch of almond extract, and filled each layer with some chocolate bavarian cream...Yum! The fish that Ponyo stands on is carved out of rice crispies treat, and is covered with buttercream icing along with the rest of the cake. Rolled fondant covers the cake for a smooth finish. Ponyo was shaped out of a fondant and gumpaste mix. I'm pretty pleased with motion of her hair and skirt. I just hope Kylie likes it too!

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