Lavender Floral Cake

May 18, 2010

A special girl deserves a special cake!  Well, that's what I say...all the time.  For Amanda Mejia's birthday dinner, I designed a cake just to match her sweet personality.  I called in to her husband for clues, and found out that she was on a lavender fix.  "Ding!"  A light bulb goes off and to the oven I go!  I made a german chocolate cake filled with lavender mousse.  The layers of cake was covered by more lavender mousse, and finished with fondant. A canvas of white was smoothed on, and various shades of purple and lavender danced in a modern, floral pattern.  The initials AM flowed on top in a rich purple icing.  Lovely just like the birthday girl!


  1. nyc cake wid written as AM..
    & my name is also AAMIR !!
    i am @ facebook.. !!
    thanx 4 uploaded dis cake !!


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