Pinwheel Princess Cake For Evelyn

April 23, 2012

With the flowers blooming and trees budding, this mini two tier was the perfect intro to the lovely spring season.  My friend messaged me about designing a pinwheel themed cake that was just for her daughter alone.  It wasn't a simple smash cake, so I coined it as a princess cake. I guess a prince cake if it was for a boy :)  The colors brought forth memories of spring, and the cute little bunny represented Evelyn.  She was born under the Chinese zodiac of the rabbit, and a cute one she is.

Before baking the cake, I modeled the little bunny of out a 50/50 mix of fondant and gumpaste. I shaped each part and allowed to them to dry before adding the details.  Once the cute bunny was completed, I began to work on the pastel pinwheels.  I rolled out thin sheets of fondant in various colors and then cut out different sized squares.  I used a #1 decorating tip and marked the center of each one.  Using a knife, I cut through the squares from each corner and stopping before I reach the center.  I then folded over alternating corners to the center and attached them with some gum glue.  If you need a template, you can find a simple one here.  Tucking a bit of tissue in each fold gives it a bit of dimension.  I allowed the pinwheels to dry completely before handling them.  The last thing I wanted was for them to buckle in my hands since they were so delicate and thin.

The cake was a simple vanilla recipe filled with buttercream, and covered in a beautiful green fondant.  I stacked the two cakes, and wrapped the top layer with a marbled green scalloped ribbon.  For more visual impact, I also wrapped the same scalloped ribbon around the bottom layer on the cake board, and finished with tiny pink beading.  The dried pinwheels were then arranged around the cake and attached with some clear piping gel.  Be patient when doing this and hold each one in place for a few seconds to make sure they adhere.  The last thing I wanted was to have one come crashing down on the table and shatter into pieces. :(  I've learned that from experience.  To finish the pinwheels, I attached a sugar pearl in the center of each one with a dab of piping gel.  They looked perfect!  Then comes the star of the party, the little bunny goes right on top with a number 1 for the birthday girl.  This cake came out just as I hoped it would... sweet, cheerful, and alive with spring!  Happy 1st Evelyn!

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