Buttercream... What?! That is so unlike me!

October 15, 2010

Yes.  I do love fondant, but not everyone likes fondant.  Some people just love or prefer buttercream, but I'm not a buttercream expert.  I started decorating cakes backwards.  I tried running before I could walk.  I started carving cakes before I could even bake one.  Recently, I decided to take some classes and freshen up my piping and buttercream techniques...time to put on some training wheels!!!

I took some local classes, and it was worth dragging myself out of bed every early Saturday morning :)  My fear of piping borders were subsided and my appreciation for the fluffy and sweet icing was renewed.  No more filling in spaces with a star tip for me!  You want a bouquet of roses?  I got roses!... You get what I mean, right?  Most of all, I can now ice a cake like it's super smooth plaster on a wall.  Except, it's edible and really good.  Yay for buttercream!

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