One turtle, two turtle...Turtle Cake!

October 14, 2010

This adorable cake was made for Samson and Preston, father and son who share the same birthday.  How sweet is that!  The cake assembly part was rather easy compared to coming up with the concept and design.  What can I do to tie in their relationship and present a cake that was custom to them?  Samson like billiards, but what about Preston?  I hear he likes the cue ball?! Samson likes cars, and Preston likes Cars from Pixar.  They both like the beach and sea animals... sea animals... father and son sea animals!

Starting with a 8" round pan and a 6" round pan, I poured in my fave vanilla butter pound recipe.  These bake up light, moist, but still dense enough for carving.  The layers were first filled with some sweet and cream buttercream and then each one was freehand carved into the distinct shape of a turtle.  A thin blanket of buttercream was smoothed on and a green blanket of fondant was laid over each one.  Using a gumpaste veining tool, I etched in the recognizable pattern of a turtle shell.  The head of the daddy turtle was shaped out of some gooey cereal treat and received a layer of a slightly brighter green.  More of the same fondant was hand sculpted into the remaining parts and to finish off the baby turtle.  I shaped some black fondant for the eyes and lovely smiles.  The little one was stacked above the big one and Voila!  Aren't they cute?!

Happy to Samson and Preston again!


  1. Amazing Hoa! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this turtle cake!! We are big sea turtle fans !!! This would've been great to do for Noland's bday....:) YOu're Awesome!!

  2. Any chance of you making this and shipping it?

  3. Pantry Mouse - I'm sorry. I'm currently not shipping my cakes. :(


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